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Michael Marracato

Hometown: TBA

Occupation: Freelance Bssist

Instruments: LeFay "Grant Stinnett Model D-tuner"

Musical goals: TBA

Current Influences: TBA






Tracie Whitelaw

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Occupation: Professional Bassonist in the U.S. Army

Instruments: LeFay "Grant Stinnett Model D-tuner"

Musical goals: TBA

Current Influences: TBA





Albin Palasser - Certificate Of Merit - Jazz Bass

Hometown: Feldkirchen, Carinthia, Austria

Occupation: family doctor and doctor of internal medicine

Instruments: Stambaugh "Butterfly" 5 string high C, Rob Allen MB2 high C, Otto Schatzmayr DB

Musical goals: To become a professional bassist and composer, and teacher.

Current Influences: Jim Stinnett, Grant Stinnett, Todd Johnson, Celso Pixinga, Sergio Groove, Ney Neto, Rob Gourlay, Michael Manring, Grant Green, Charles Mingus, Paul Chambers, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Jeff Andrews, Ludwig Streicher, Frantisek Posta, Miroslav Vitous, Giovanni Bottessini, J.S.Bach, Frederic Chopin, Oscar Peterson.

Albin's has high ambition and is focused on his goals. I am confident he will reach them.






Lenny B - Certificate Of Merit - Jazz Bass


There is NO limit to what Lenny can do. With his drive and dedication he is quickly becoming an excellent player. With an abundance of talent and ability, Lenny came to SMOS to learn how to practice correctly and take his playing to the next level.

Lenny continues his rapid growth by applying himself in a focused practice routine. His newest goal, mastering the double bass. He is well on his way.

Musical Goals: To be able to play good basslines and music with my sons, and friends.





Darius Chagnon

Hometown: Born in Ann Arbor, MI. Currently reside in Bismarck, ND

Occupation: Business management

Instruments: MTD fretted and fretless 6-strings, Vektor electric upright, Rob Allen fretless 4-string.

Musical goals: To make it easy for everyone else sound good, and when it's my turn to speak, make it worth hearing.

Current Influences: 12-Secrets to Success, Ray Brown, James Jamerson

Darius is a very dedicated musician with abubdant talent. With his drive, he will succeed.





Nikolaos Tsavdaroglou

Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

Occupation: Bassist

Instruments: Walter Sandner double bass, Odyssey 4-String electric bass

Musical goals: To be a top-class bassist

Current Influences: Eddie Gomez, Paul Chambers, Christian McBride, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Gary Karr, Victor Wooten, James Jamerson, Charles Mingus, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen.

Nikos has a gift that will carry him far, he loves to practice. (some call him naturally talented : )   His work in our online studies is unparalled. He has successfully completed JB2, JB3, PC, DBL1, DBL2, DBL3, and CTEB. One could not ask for a more dedicated student.

The result of Nikolaos' hard work can be easily be heard in his playing.

Check out Nikolaos on YouTube
Listen to Nikos play PC
Nikos plays Christian




Jim Lambie

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Occupation: Bass Instructor, US Armed Forces School of Music

Instruments: Warmoth 4string Jazz bass, Steve Bailey fretless 6 string, Michael Kelly Deluxe acoustic bass guitar 5 string, Fender Jazz 62 RI MIJ, Eminence 4 string electric upright.

Musical goals: Retire from the Army as a full time bassist and bass

Current Influences: Jim & Grant Stinnett, Alain Caron, Michael Manring,
Victor Wooten, Paul Chambers, Brian Bromberg, NHOP, and Ray Brown.

Jim is a seasoned professional having played countless shows, gigs, and concerts, all over the world. He is well versed in all the styles. Jim's groove is strong and his playing sensitive. What a treat to see a mature, complete musicain who is sitll in the learning mode. Classes completed: JB2, JB3.




Thomas Neumaier

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

Occupation: Part-time employee at software company

Instruments: Lefay Singer 632, B-C

Musical goals: Be the best musician I can be, play professionally

Current Influences: Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Grant Green, Red Garland, Jim Stinnett

Thomas is a very talented musician. His disicpline is his secret weapon. Thomas came to SMOS to focus his efforts and learn the language of jazz. He is doing this very well. Classes completed: JB2, JB3, CTEB.




Rob IJsendijk

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Occupation: 4 days a week lawyer, the rest bassplayer

Instruments: Fodera Monarch 5 string

Musical goals: jazz, pop, fusion

Current Influences:  MM, VW, A Cohen, JP, A Jackson, V Bailey, Haslip

Rob has gigged in a varitey of styles, for many years. From rock to funk to jazz, Rob is an accomplished player. It is great to see Rob stretching his boundries and learning new things. Classes completed: JB2, JB3, CTEB.




Kurt Broderick

Hometown: Brownsburg, Indiana

Occupation: Pharmacist

Instruments: Stambaugh 5 string high C, Musicman

Musical goals: To continually improve my playing to provide the best support I am able to for my band mates.

Current Influences: Nathan East, Dave LaRue, Sting, Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller, John McVie

Kurt has been a professional bassist for years. His solid groove and sensitive accompaniment is a key to his success. His continued study and desire to improve his playing will take Kurt to a whole new level. Classes completed: JB2, JB3, CTEB.




Ilias Makris

Hometown: Athens - Greece

Occupation: Graphic Artist

Instruments: Lakland 5-string (low B)

Musical goals: To learn in depth the jazz language

Current Influences: Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Red Garland, Sonny Clark, Jim Stinnett

Ilias is an outstanding student. He understands the statement, "you get out of it what you put into it," and he puts in a lot. As a student in SM online courses for sixteen months in row, Ilias had demonstrated his ability to focus and practice. This has resulted in amazing progress for him on his bass. His PC transcriptions and performances are of the highest calibre. His groove is strong and his playing solid. I am so proud of Ilias's accomplishments. It has been great fun to watch him go after what he wants. With his attitude, there are no limits. Classes completed: JB2, JB3. PC.