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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a course? Go the page that describes the course you are interested in. Scroll down and click the link, register now. Then follow instructions. You will be asked for your name, address, and email. You will be contacted in 24 hours with specific details on how to access your online classroom.

How does it work?
Each week, your instructor will post a new lesson. You can log on and work on the material any time throughout that week. You will have an assignment each week with a posted due date. You will submit your work each week to be evaluated and graded by the instructor.

Each week the instructor will host a chat time / office hour for your participation. While participation in chats are encouraged, they are not mandatory. All participants will have acces to a class discussion board where lessons and related topics can be discussed.

Who are the instructors?
All of our teachers are outstanding musicans who love to share their expertise. Click on the instructor link accompanying each course for resume.

How long are the courses?
Stinnett Music courses are 12-weeks long.

How large are the classes?
The maximum class size is 20 students per section.

Do I need to know how to read music to take a course?
It depends on the course. See Prerequisites.

Can I repeat a course I have already taken?
Of course you can. Repeating a course is more common than you may think. You will be required to register and pay for the course.

Can I withdraw from a course?
Yes, but all registrations are non-refundable. Withdrawl from a course will result in a grade of W.

Do you offer Financial Aid?
A limited number of scholarships are available to qualfied applicants.

Can international students take Stinnett Music courses?
Yes, of course.

Are textbooks included in tuition costs?
No, the required textbooks for online courses are not included in tuition and fees. You may order them online.

Do you offer college credit?
No we are not accredited.

We do offer a program for professional certification in specific areas of study.

Stinnett Music Online School is dedicated to providing quality education and training. As a vocational school, upon compeltion of our progams many students have become employed in the music industry. Our alumni have been employed by prestigious organizaitons such as: Boston Philharmonic Orchsetra, Concord Shool Of Music, Berklee College Of Music, Jazz Improvement Program, SFK Symphony Orchestra, Soa Luis Baxio Festival Brazil, Bass Workout Austria, and Holyoke Community College.