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Stinnett Music Online is now offering a Certificate Of Merit. This award can be earned by successful completion of selected courses in a focused area of study. The presentation of a Certificze of Merit will represent a high degree of accomplishment as a result of serious work. This certificate will be a testiment to your commitment and growth.

Use the courses outlined in the certificate programs to guide you in planning your program of study.

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Certificate Of Merit - Jazz Bass

Jazz Bass 1
Jazz Bass 2
Jazz Bass 3
Reading 1
Reading 2
Jazz Tunes 1


Certificate Of Merit - Electric Bass

Electric Bass Lessons - Level One
Electric Bass Lessons - Level Two
Reading 1
Electric Bass Lessons - Level Three
Reading 2
Contemporary Techniques For Electric Bass
The Music Of Jethro Tull


Certificate Of Merit - Double Bass

Double Bass Lessons - Level One
Double Bass Lessons - Level Two
Double Bass Lessons - Level Three
Reading 1
Reading 2
Jazz Soloing for Double Bass


Certificate Of Merit - Performance Styles

Contemporary Techniques For Electric Bass
The Music Of Jethro Tull
Slap Bass
Latin Lines
R&B and Funk
Rock Masters


Certificate Of Merit - Advanced Jazz Bass

Advanced Walking
Reading 3
The Music of Paul Chambers
The Music of Charles Mingus
Reading 4
Improvising With Rhythm and Melody
Transcription of jazz masters


Certificate Of Merit - Advanced Electric Bass

Slap Bass
Bach The Bassist
Reading 3
Reading 4
The Solo Bassist
Advance Technique for Electric Bass
12 Keys Etudes for Electric Bass
Transcription for Electric Bass


Certificate Of Merit - Advanced Double Bass

Double Bass Lessons 4
Double Bass Lessons 5
Reading 3
Reading 4
12 Keys Etudes for Double Bass
Classical Repertoire
Transcription for Double Bass
Performance Master Class